About Us

We do not want to become just any service provider for electronic and software development. We aim to be your primary contact for technical problems. Our enterprise is based on the following core aspects:

dynamic We work process-optimizedand are not trapped inold structures. effective Our results help ourcustomers measureably. sustainable We value the careful use ofresources and therefor builddurable products. professional We may be young, butwe can interact with ourcustomers at eye level. inspiring We inspire, because ourresults go beyondexpectations. transparent Our customers have insightinto our development processat all times.

Electronics, hardware and software development: Our team is competent in every area and we also have a large network of partners which we have built up over the last few years.

Company history

In 2012 we laid the foundation stone for our company. Driven by our enthusiasm for technology, we started with the development of the first mobile beverage robot worldwide. From this our successful products Drink-S and TimeSquare were developed. After their completion, we took on further challenges in electronics and software development. Since then we have been realizing innovative products - together with our customers.